„Professional Leadership through individual growth“

What’s it about?

This Management Training has been executed several times (as an open training) since 2003.

We were surprised that gathering together senior managers from 6 different countries in Western and Central Europe produced a significant consensus in the assessment of the main challenges facing top level management.

Stress management, staff motivation, cost pressures, communication with and within teams were all ranked as the main priorities.

During the working day managers are often stretched to the limits (or beyond?) of their physical and mental capabilities…

… which has a major impact on their leadership behaviour and on job satisfaction.


We were able to develop solutions during the seminar itself, thus providing “on line” training for the very different ways of handling these “overloads”. This process of involvement proved to be a major challenge for all participants – because it was inter-cultural.

Experience it yourself; something about you will change…

At least five emotion-related skills are important in your working life: self-confidence, control of one’s emotions, motivation, empathy and social skills.

And it is precisely these five competences we train in the seminar – for application every day.

Why? Because people who can control their feelings create an atmosphere of trust. Intrigues and power struggles reduce; productivity increases.

The use of knowledge about emotional intelligence leads…

  • …to optimal co-operation within the management team
  • …to skilful leadership in complex structures
  • …to acceptance of management decisions and their faster implementation both internally and externally

Effective teams will then quickly develop if empathy is present:

  • staff feelings are respected and used skilfully in decision-making
  • people with well-developed social skills are usually also at the centre of a an extensive communication network


3 days
Maximum 12 participants