About ourselves

The idea behind Genius Coaching & Training GmbH and its business philosophy is to apply and extend knowledge about emotional intelligence for the use of employees, senior managers or private individuals.

During his professional career, Dr Thomas Oehler, founder and owner of the company, has truly “lived” and experienced his education and training as an instructor, coach and counsellor in the “real world” of business and commerce.  The same applies to the partners working for Genius Coaching & Training GmbH.

This unique experience is clearly evident in the operative orientation of the approach adopted in all of the company’s service areas.

Stress management, staff motivation, cost pressures and communication with and within teams are right at the top of the agenda in every activity.

In the real world of business, managers are often stretched to the limits (or beyond?) of their physical and mental capabilities…

…which has a major impact on their leadership behaviour and job satisfaction.

The use of knowledge about emotional intelligence leads …

  • …to optimal co-operation within the management team
  • …to skilful leadership in complex structures
  • …to acceptance of management decisions and their faster implementation both internally and externally

Effective teams will then develop quickly if empathy is present:

Staff feelings are respected and skilfully used in decision-making. People with well-developed social skills tend to be at the centre of an extensive communication network.

We actively involve our clients in these development processes in order to ensure knowledge transfer and enhance the problem solving and project management skills of your staff. The work we undertake for our clients then continues to enhance their market performance and brand value long after our services have been concluded.