„Team training for senior staff“

What’s it about?

Unchanging ways of thinking and acting often lead to a type of paralysis in the actions of decision-makers and loss of motivation in staff. The seminar “Leadership through Professional Communication” uses exercises involving unusual experiences to make participants aware of their attitudes to other people and situations, thus creating deeper insights into the fundamentals of behavioural change both through and during communication processes. Who masters this skill, wins  - as only strong leadership, clear objectives and efficient (and therefore also transparent) communication ensure the success of an organisation.


  • The importance of communication through questioning and listening
  • The use of questions and the technique of leading through questions
  • Reflecting one’s own thought and behaviour patterns which influence communication, and therefore its effect on others
  • The ability to assess one’s own communication behaviour and change it
  • The recognition and use of conditions under which initiative and the acceptance of responsibility in communication can be enhanced
  • Practical exercises


2 days
Maximum 15 participants