The results of the seminar


„Team training for senior staff“

"In my opinion, this team-training brought us a big step forward. Comparing the management team to an orchestra, we made the step up to a philharmonic ensemble: a group of professional individuals with high technical expertise and with high expectations of themselves and their team. Despite their energy and initiative, they are developing their discipline in timing, effort and intensity as a focused and effective team, capable of playing the symphony of the respective strategy of leading profit centre management.

Through both of the team-trainings every one of us has developed into a leader. I also received very clear and positive feedback about my work as a team leader, which highlights my positive personal development within the team. But the management team has also grown together and became stronger.

The training, professional as always, surprised and convinced us again with its new topics. Perhaps because of the extremely challenging demands they placed on each of the participants, the topics brought out a high quality of respect and trust in the team. I would highly recommend this training to managers who want to develop their "workers" into a high performance team, not in a "One-Shot" exercise, but through a structured, planned and professionally managed team-building process."