The results of the seminar


„Negotiation is not a battle-field“

“Please accept my best compliments on the training on negotiation. It was a brilliant experience and I have now learned to use a method that is clear, easy to follow, has been proved to work well and will certainly be of further help to me at all levels.”

“I have finally understood how to separate the professional and the personal when negotiating and this helps me to plan my negotiations much more effectively.”

“This has taught me how important it is to separate interests and positions. ”Now I know how to disarm even tough negotiators without destroying the relationship I have with them.”

“I have now read your feedback with interest and have also received very good feedback from my colleagues on the negotiating seminar that has just been held. It’s already having a sound impact and working well – my compliments!”

“After a few days of letting it settle in, I’m still very much charged-up about it. I’ve been to a number of seminars in my career and this was certainly one of the best.”

“It was a fascinating experience and extremely enriching.”

“The “tools” that participants will be able to use in future to conduct well-prepared and controlled negotiations were very valuable.”

“Both sharing experience with other colleagues and learning the basic principles for preparing negotiations, for example, were very valuable.”

“The ‘telephone negotiation skills’ topic was particularly valuable.”

“It was important that the trainer paid attention to each individual in the group. I would also like to highlight the fact that everyone in the group was given the opportunity to present and discuss case studies from their own experience.”

“If I make a direct comparison, it demonstrated to me that I gained disproportionately more from the seminar working in this smaller group.”

“From now on, I will make sure that I present complex processes in negotiations systematically and in a well-structured manner.”

“The content was very relevant and the seminar was structured just right.”

“Good cases studies and extremely relevant role-plays.”

“Overall, the combination of topics covered was just right.”

“An interesting mix – which was very good for the topic of negotiating, as the different lines of work also have an impact on the respective styles of negotiating. Generally, a very open and friendly group.”

“Super, as always, both the role-plays and the discussion of my own cases.”

“The exercises/role-plays where we could test out borderline situations were very valuable.”


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