The results of the seminar


„Professional leadership through individual growth“

Statements of the participants

What did you personally take from this seminar and what has been the most important result/ experience for you?

„Through the seminar, I got to know myself, my sources of energy and my blockades much better. Overcoming these will help me to achieve a better balance between my work and my private life.“

„I have learnt effectively to push aside real limitations and to overcome negative blockades. By understanding and applying these mechanisms, everyone can motivate their staff with charm and charisma.“

„The contents of the seminar and the realisations gained from it will help me to use my power sources and to employ my resources properly to achieve my professional and private goals.“

„The deciding factors for me: more clarity and better tools for dealing with myself.“

„Consciousness was developed through a richly intensive series of exercises to the point that the power and energy available, when channelled properly and used specifically, leads to real personal growth and changes in behaviour.“

„I have experienced how to reach goals which I had previously considered as unreachable. Thus, I have considerably changed my point of view after applying these techniques.“

„To experience the power and to feel the energy inside myself, and to reach something which I had previously considered as totally unrealistic and impossible.“

„I have discovered the energy to reach my goals, how to generate this energy and to feel it so that I can achieve things which I had considered as being impossible until now.“

„The belief: I am able to change it.“

„My existing thought and behavioural processes were called into question. I gained valuable motivation for new patterns of behaviour and ways of looking at the world. We gained a lot from the seminar. Many thanks.“

„About the seminar. Fascinating instructors who really “live” what they teach and demonstrate. Just getting to know them was a very rewarding experience.“

„This investment in yourself is not only the most effective, but also the only way to live more successfully and more happily.“

„This seminar is a MUST for all those who take honest responsibility for their own development and that of their employees, in order to achieve the unfolding of their full potential.“

„A great seminar if you are honest with yourself and want to grow in your own personality. The trainers ... really help you to gain insights.“

„Many management seminars aim to expand specialist knowledge or improve management behaviour. This seminar closes the big gap, i.e. that of how to deal with oneself. It offers valuable tools for increasing personal satisfaction and achievement potential at work and also privately.“

„My view is that the seminar is particularly suitable for employees and managers who want to work on personal development, who are intending to take a new direction, who want to strengthen their self-awareness overall.“

„By clearly pointing out certain behavioural patterns and learning how to use new techniques, the participant experiences how to overcome personal barriers and how to reach goals which she/he previously considered to be unattainable.“

„The most important thing for me was the confrontation with my own fears and barriers. I left the seminar being totally focussed. This experience is important for everybody who is in daily contact with people.“

„As I was confronted with my own fears, I was able to find my balance again. By using this balance I was able to confront and to realize the changes.“

„Now I am absolutely at ease with my own behaviour. I am also able to retain this conviction when faced with any colleague in any situation during my daily life.“

„You learn that even goals which seem unattainable can indeed be reached.“

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