Trainer/Coach Profile Dr.Thomas Oehler


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Dr. Thomas Oehler, Coach and Trainer, was managing director of international companies in Consulting and Counselling services, Media, Cosmetics and Advertising. With a Master’s degree in science communication, sociology and philosophy, Postgraduate studies in psychology and a Phd in Economics/ Management.
Dr.Oehler has worked in France, Germany, China, USA, UK, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Austria.
This unique experience is clearly evident in the operative orientation of Dr.Oehler´s coaching approach. His areas of expertise are: Transformation and Change management, communication, stress management, motivation, negotiations, conflict management, mediation, team–building, and integration of new executives within a company as well as Corporate Social Responsibility.
Job Level of staff coached : Executives , Sector Executives, Department Heads, Sales and market Supervisors
Coaching Methods : Active discussion, self-exploration, psychological methods, focused interviews


Stress management, staff motivation, cost pressures and communication with and within teams are right at the top of the agenda in every activity. In “the real world of business”, executives are often stretched to the limits(or beyond?) of their physical and mental capabilities… which has a major impact on their leadership behaviour and
job satisfaction.
The use of knowledge about emotional intelligence leads …
…to optimal co-operation within the management team
…to skilful leadership in complex structures 
…to acceptance of management decisions and their faster implementation both internally and externally
Effective teams will then develop quickly if empathy is present: 
Staff feelings are respected and skilfully used in decision-making. People with well-developed social skills tend to be at the centre of an extensive communication network.
The individual Coaching of the Manager must aim to give him the freedom to be himself and to overcome the obstacles that may restrict him.
To achieve this, the coach acts as a “MIRROR” allowing the manager to get to know himself better and to go more effectively where he really wants to go. 
At the same time, the coach is a “FACILITATOR” who helps to discover the brakes that hold him back, and then becomes a “MIDWIFE” who helps solutions to emerge on the basis of the manager’s own capabilities. 
Finally, he becomes a “CO-PILOT” who helps the manager clarify his ideas as well as define and test the parameters of change.
Dr.Oehler actively involves his clients in these development processes in order to ensure knowledge transfer and enhance the problem solving and project management skills of the staff. 


  • Professional Experience : 
    Managing Director of several international companies in diverse fields:
    Consulting and Counselling services, Media, Cosmetics, Advertising
  • Worked in the following countries:
    France, Germany, China, USA, UK, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Austria
  • Coaching experience :
    1988 to 2003: Managing Director: Havas, DDB Needham, Schwarzkopf/Henkel, L'Oréal.
    2003 to present: External Coach, Founder and CEO of Genius Coaching & Training GmbH


  • Stress management
  • Staff motivation and satisfaction
  • Transformation and Change management, as well as Corporate Social Responsability
  • Individual conflict management, mediation
  • Communication training within a team and between teams / new executives
  • Integration of new executives within a company


  • University level instruction in marketing, Marketing-Academy, Frankfurt
  • Master’s degree in science communication, sociology and philosophy
  • Postgraduate studies in psychology: University of Strasburg 
  • PhD in Science Management, Munich, Strasburg and Paris

Coach Education & Training in Germany, France and USA:

  • L-Team, Trossingen/Stuttgart,Germany – Executive/Leadership Coaching
  • European Negotiation Centre/ Paris, France – Negotiation Trainings
  • Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education, Twaine Harte, CA., USA – Crosscultural Coaching


• German
• English
• French
• Hungarian (basic)