„I communicate – therefore I am.“

Drawing freely on René Descartes, I feel that this maxim almost perfectly describes my principles in both life and work.

And since I draw no line between private and professional preferences, I see my professional challenge to be in the field of coaching and development.

Recent stages of my career have made me highly aware of one decisive fact: staff behaviour and the general atmosphere within a company are first and foremost dependent on the executive level.

It is we who really determine such vital factors as job satisfaction, clear leadership, team spirit, well-structured work processes, the freedom to take decisions and understand their background. These factors are, in turn, decisive for the stress perception of both junior and senior staff.

However, how can all these factors be borne in mind in the midst of the recurrent challenges of the daily round?

How can I develop and preserve a sense of joy in my creative work when torn between a heavy workload and a desire to achieve?

This depends to a large extent on the ability to relax. This ability cannot be called up on demand or bought; it must be learnt and developed over the long term. But it is of vital importance - if we cannot switch off and relax in order to restore our strength, we neglect the biological need to provide ourselves with a recovery period.