Emotional Mastery

„87% of business issues are due to the lack of inter-personal communication skills not to the competencies of the parties.“ - Harvard Business Review 2002 Emotional Mastery explores the meaning and nature of our emotions— what they are, how they work, what explains them, and how to develop the necessary Emotional Intelligence and interpersonal communication skills to handle them effectively.

You will learn how to:

  • Enrich your experience of life - find more passion and satisfaction in relationships, career and health.
  • Welcome, embrace, and accept emotions as emotions.
  • Create emotional stability and strength for handling life’s challenges.
  • Eliminate attitudes and blockages that have limited you in the past - low self esteem, lack of control, inability to act on your ideas.
  • Achieve extraordinary results by thinking and working systemically.

Transforming Stress and Unleashing Your Potentials for Emotional Vitalityor